Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Keith Stephan, Part 1

About a month ago, I ran a Wednesday double feature on a single model, Bud Counts, and it was well received.  So today, I'm doing another series focusing on Keith Stephan.  I referred to Bud as a "big man" of the physique world, only to learn that he was 5'8".  Keith, shown here in a photo by an unknown photographer, really filled that bill at 6'2" and 223 lbs.


  1. Un petit à côté de moi 6,43 ft, mais seulement 220 lb LOL
    A little next to me 6,43 ft, but only 220 lbs LOL

  2. Oui, Jerry! Ma taille impressionne toujours quand on me rencontre pour la prmière fois, pourtant avec l'âge, j'ai déjà perdu 2 centimètres.
    Yes Jerry. My size always impresses when I meet for the first time, yet with age, I already lost 2 centimeters ;-)