Monday, August 26, 2019

Men on Ladders

Today I will feature some models on ladders, starting with John Hamill by Barrington.


  1. A stunning body and very handsome...I remember in the late 70's seeing adverts placed by John Barrington looking for models...I wish I had applied..

  2. A vintage photo of John Hamill always makes the day better.

  3. He also had a run as a movie actor for several years including a part in Joan Crawfords final starring pic called "Trog" which is often on "ten worst" lists - after his acting career he became a furniture builder - he is, apparently, still with us at age 72

    1. True. I read a magazine interview from the early 2000's in which he said that the nude photos probably kept him for having a more successful acting career. I recall him saying that just a few years later, in the Playgirl era, it might actually have helped!

  4. Hamill ressemble beaucoup a un americain, il est difficile de croire qu'il est Anglais! La photo semble avoir ete prise par un photographe physique americain.

    Gentilhomme a Paris