Monday, September 9, 2019

I found this impressive fellow all alone in a stray file folder that was labeled "Big Balls."
I think it is by Bruce of LA, but I'm not sure.


  1. J'ai parfois des difficultés avec mes boules, je les trouve trop grosses et trop pendantes, mais quand je vois cette série de photo, je me demande comment ces hommes gèrent leur anatomie quand ils s'assoient ou qu'ils se croisent les jambes...
    I sometimes have difficulties with my balls, I find them too big and too pendulous, but when I see this series of photo, I wonder how these men manage their anatomy when they sit or they cross their legs ...

  2. Its David Anderson by Bruce of LA - and yes, those are certainly low-hangers- most of the 45 pics of him in my collection feature them rather prominently lol

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    2. 45 photos! Wow! I thought my having 10 of him was pretty good! Way outta my league, LOL!

    3. Way back in the day there was an online Bruce of La site that you could join and download all you wanted - I did indeed take advantage of it - dont know if that site is still around