Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Too many to count

I'm not even counting these.  Let's just call it "masses of asses."
And some of you might find the denim clad supervisors to be a treat.


  1. I was going to say that you saved the best for last, but numbers one, two and three are quite special too. What do you think Albert? I am guessing that number one is your favourite? I would love to know what is happening in this photo, and what happened next.

    1. Salut Phil,
      Tu as bien deviné, la première photo de la série est ma préférée!
      Ce n'est plus un secret pour personne, j'aime les belles fesses poilues et bien rondes de mec.
      Je n'ai plus l'âge (j'ai 64 ans) de m'exciter sur une photo, mais j'adore imaginer ce que je ferais si je croisais de tels gars.
      Bonne continuation Phil
      Hi Phil,
      You guessed well, the first picture of the series is my favorite!
      This is no longer a secret for anyone, I love the beautiful hairy buttocks and good round guy.
      I'm older (I'm 64) to get excited about a picture, but I love to imagine what I would do if I met such guys.
      Good luck Phil

  2. From the 1962 AMG film Jailhouse Rumble. Most of the guys were not identified. The two guys wearing "dungarees" are Ray Cox (left) and Larry Theil. Not much of a rumble took place in this film. Most of the guys stayed on the ground tanning their asses.