Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bob Delmonteque Wednesday, Part 1 - Nudes of Bob

Like Russ Warner, Bob Delmonteque transitioned from being a top model to a photographer who actually published a "how to" guide to physique photography.  Today I am doing a double feature on Bob, starting with his work as a nude model followed by an intermission piece with some biographical information and finally a second series of photos taken by Bob of other models.
Bob worked for AMG, Dave Martin, and most famously Douglas of Detroit.
This image is by Dave Martin at one of his favorite session locations, the Golden Gate Bridge.


  1. The classic location...My I ask is the "How to" guide available?

    1. Well, it's "out there," but I've only seen scans of the cover a page or two on a vintage book resale website. As I recall, the pages were more technical than titillating.

    2. Cool...I'll see if I can track one down...