Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ed Fury Day, Part 1 - Nudes

Ed Fury (born 1928 as Rupert Edmund Holovchik) had a moderately successful career as a Hollywood actor.  Best known for his roles in "sword and sandal" Italian films, he made it into the movies after hitting the Muscle Beach scene in LA in the late 1940's.  Somewhere in there he posed, both nude and semi-nude, for Bob Mizer of AMG and Bruce of LA, and I will be featuring some of that work on the blog today in a double feature.  After the Steve Reeves type movie craze faded, Ed continued to work in small parts in both film and TV into the 1990's.  I'm happy to report that Ed is still living in LA at age 91.  He attributes his longevity to exercise and a vegetarian diet. We start with a photo which I believe was made by Bruce of LA.


  1. Lovely to know he's still around...

  2. Very handsome guy but still alive at 91 : no one of the present day muscles guys using steroids will achive that !

  3. The Natural Bodybuilders were more attractive . The modern Steroid fueled ones look like monsters. not attractive at all...

    1. So true , by the way I just started Following your blog . Cheers.