Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Lucky Harrington adds a splash of color to our Delmonteque series.


  1. Both Russ Warner & Bob Delmonteque shot nudes, full frontal nudes, of their models.
    Delmonteque even showed us all his genitals as well, sadly he was circumcised.
    But what about this photo shoot from 1956-7 ? Do you believe they got Lucky
    stripped down to nothing, and failed to snap shots of his "everything" ?
    Seems so unlikely.........soooo, where are those original negatives now ?
    And where they ever printed......even for Lucky's personal collection ?
    I spoke with Russ Warner, about 35 years engaging man, but I did not
    get any answer regards this shoot. I read Lucky was a Mister Arizona, or one of
    those titles......hope he's UNCUT. The cover for the BODY BEAUTIFUL issue of
    1957, had a great pose, in this very same spot. Let me know.
    > <

    1. Hi, Jim! Full frontal nudity, if published, could easily have landed a photographer in jail in 1956-57, so it's possible that none were taken during that session. Or if they were, they would have been on the down low. Lucky, being a championship level competitor, probably would not have wanted nudes published as they would "tarnish" his reputation. In many cases, such shots were published when the laws loosened up in the late 60's, presuming they existed in the first place. If I come across anything, I will publish it. - Jerry