Friday, October 11, 2019

The only information that came with this photo was the year 1969, 
which is more than I know about any of the other photos in this group.


  1. Personnellement, savoir qui est le modèle ou qui a pris la photo ne m'intérresse pas. J'aime les photos de mecs nus, juste pour l'esthétisme ou simplement la beauté du modèle ou l'originalité de la photo. Cette photo me plait beaucoup !!
    Personally, who is the model or who took the picture does not interest me. I like the pictures of naked guys, just for the aesthetics or just the beauty of the model or the originality of the photo. This picture I like a lot !!

    1. I completely accept and understand your point of view, Albert. The reason I sometimes focus on documenting the information on the photos is that back in the tumblr days, a group of bloggers which included myself shared ideas and approaches in the chat room. We all wanted to preserve these images for the future, and one way to insure that was to provide as much factual background as possible. When we attach names, dates, and facts to the pictures, it makes it harder for them to be lost or forgotten. So if I seem obsessed at times, now you know why.

  2. Hopefully more information about this model will emerge. As it is date 1969 he may well still be around. A stunning natural body, strikingly masculine features...