Friday, October 25, 2019

This is a typical 19th C. academic drawing pose, 
and I find the model's hairy legs and arms interesting.


  1. Yup, a standard academic pose. One I always like as it shows off the chest and arm muscles well. Clearly a hairy model. he also seems to be circumcised? I would have thought rare in Sweden at that time. Or perhaps he just poses retracted?

    1. Interesting points. The circumcision thing is a frequent point of discussion, and there usually isn't a pat answer.

    2. Many life male models shave their legs and chest to provide a clearer view of their musculature. From some of your photographs of the late 19th century I suspect it was also done then. I'm not sure that he is circumcised. More from the roll above the glans, a "hitcher". I've mentioned before that some models retract for work as you get a better "hang".

    3. Meant to add. I used to do this when nude swimming. It, er, counteracts cold water shrinkage. I've to be asked to retract for modelling, but a modelling mate often does, again to get a better "hang".