Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is he supposed to be the teacher?  We had some young ones at my high school,
but they never looked this good except for the sadistic gym teacher.
Edited to add:  James IV says in the comments that this is gay porn icon J.W. King who appeared in Playgirl as Jim Waldrop, his real name.  Thanks!  


  1. None of my teachers ever looked this good. If they did, I would have been in the front row rather than the back row!

  2. Had a couple of hot ones in our school - the algebra teacher, his first year out of college. He was a pretty cool guy.

  3. That's gay porn icono J.W. King. He posed for Playgirl as Jim Waldrop -- his real names. Hence the "J.W."

  4. We had a gym/physics teacher handsome, curly blond hair, well built but a psycho..