Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Large Swimming Groups for Wednesday's Double Feature

It's getting cold for most of you, so I'll take you on a nostalgic skinny dipping trip involving large groups of naked men.  These guys are nude and chummy.  Nice!


  1. Does this sort of thing still happen outside naturist groups? I do hope it does. The joy of being naked with your mates in hot sun, with cool water. Happy in your skin, acceptance that we come in all different shapes and sizes...

    1. I doubt that it does Unknown. I suspect that there are very few places anywhere in the world where this could happen and where it would be acceptable to wider society.

  2. This has been a great week on this blog. I am a big fan of the group photos. Also loved the trios from yesterday (especially the photo with the "numerical pattern"). But the British newsreels a couple of days ago may have been my all time favorite. Many thanks!