Monday, December 16, 2019

The beefy models make me think of COLT, but I have no info on this one.
Edited to add:  Not vintage!  See comment from Anonymous below for details.


  1. En me connaissant, Jerry, tu savais que je devais réagir à ce genre de photos. Belles fesses bien rondes surtout celui de droite !!!
    By knowing me, Jerry, you knew that I had to react to this kind of photos. Beautiful round buttocks especially the one on the right !!!

  2. This is a part of a well-know photo taken at Bagdad during the 1st war in 1991.

    They were 4 or 5 US soldiers on a roof and to show them nude was just for the photo, for fun.

    The original photo is not black and white.

    1. LOL! I had no idea. It actually somewhat resembles a Bruce of LA series from the 60's. Thanks for the story on the photo.