Friday, December 13, 2019

The May 23, 1938 issue of LIFE Magazine featured a nun in a life drawing class,
or at least that's what my source says.  I haven't verified it, but would LIFE publish this?


  1. Not sure if LIFE would publish the photo or not. But, the model is not nude - there are straps across his butt cheeks - perhaps a jock strap or an early dance strap?

    1. Definitely a jockstrap. Several types similar to this were in common use at the time.

  2. La pauvre soeur a du en passer des nuits blanches après avoir vu le fruit du péché si près d'elle LOL
    The poor sister must have slept sleepless nights after seeing the fruit of sin so close to her LOL

  3. This image is from the Life magazine issue stated, an article about the Chicago Institute of Art. And the article of clothing could be a normal athletic supporter with the leg straps going between the cheeks.

  4. You can see this in context, with more pictures, at