Sunday, January 19, 2020

1970's Bears

It's beards and bears day, starting with Playgirl model and porn star Bob Blount, aka Lloyd Kasper.
I recently had an email exchange with a viewer who pointed out that Bob was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident which I later learned occurred at age 32.


  1. Un bel ours, il avait quelques chose d'actuel je trouve, la barbe peut-être... Cette photo aurait pu être prise hier..
    A beautiful bear, he had something current I think, the beard maybe ... This photo could have been taken yesterday ..

  2. Bob's death occurred roughly a week after filming his scene with Chuck Cord in Joe Gage's epic film L.A. Tool & Die. Not long after the release of that film, one of the gay rags interviewed Gage. I can't quote him exactly, but he said something like "Bob was going through some issues at the time. It was generally believed by those who knew him, Bob's death was not an accident."

    Does this sound familiar to anyone reading this blog? As I typed this, I kept thinking it wasn't a Joe Gage interview, it was Richard Locke, one of the main stars of that movie. Anyone?