Wednesday, January 8, 2020

David Tiano seems to have done well developing his relatively small frame.


  1. Wow..superb...just shows what you can do we a small frame..magnificent...

  2. Jerry, je ne te comprend pas...Tu qualifies de petit les hommes qui n'ont pas un sexe hyper-dévelloppé. Je trouve que celui-ci possède un sexe normal. La dimension au repos n'a rien a voir avec un homme en érection. J'ai déjà vu des hommes en photo ou en réel qui sont bien plus petit et une fois excité , ils ressemblent à des chevaux!! Je parle de ça, parce que moi-même, j'ai un sexe que tu qualifierais de petit alors qu'en érection tout mes amis me disent que je suis bien équipé (19 centimètres). :-)
    Jerry, I don't understand you ... You call little men who don't have a hyper-developed sex. I find that this one has a normal sex. The dimension at rest has nothing to do with an erect man. I have already seen men in photos or in real life who are much smaller and when excited, they look like horses !! I speak about that, because myself, I have a sex that you would describe as small whereas in erection all my friends tell me that I am well equipped (19 centimeters). :-)

  3. One of my favourite model types. I've met a few in real life. Usually short and small. I bet clothed he looked quite ordinary in the street. Quietly working out, rightly proud of his finely developed body. I particularly like the way, to me his physique is so well balanced. Even his penis and testicles are perfectly sized. I do hope there are more images of David.

    1. Unfortunately, this is the only photo of David in my collection. I will do some searches for more.

    2. Don't thank me quite yet. I used all my best search tricks and produced no additional photos of this model. Must have been a one off.