Sunday, January 26, 2020

This is supposed to be an AMG photo and one of these guys is supposed to be Dusty Haven, 
but I don't know which one or if any of that is even right.
Edited to add:  In the comments the_cham_cham says Dusty is the blond.  Also, check out James IV's comment with a great story about Dusty and 900 numbers . . . if you know what those were.


  1. If it is Dusty Haven, it would be the blond on the left. He certainly looks like the guy I have named as such in my collection.

    1. Thanks! I should have known it would be the blond.

    2. From the 1971 AMG film Weekend Sailor. Yeah...I know...a film made on a real boat out on the water does seem out of place for AMG. But AMG promoted this film in Physique Pictorial shortly after it's release. The handsome lad next to Dusty was called Kevin. Sorry to say I don't think he did any other work for AMG. As for Dusty, his photos appeared in a few muscle rags.

      Now for a good laugh I'll share my story about Dusty. Back in the 80s, we had this thing called Area Code 900 numbers. (Gather round young-uns and let me explain.) Basically they were used for pay-per-minute phone calls such as Psychic Hotlines and Hot Sexy Guys Talk To YOU! calls. For the low price of $3.95 for the first minute and .99 cents for each additional minute you can talk to your favorite psychic or some hot guy who was "horny and waiting for your call". (Aren't you glad we have the Internet now?)

      These companies often advertised in the gay rags -- especially the porn photo magazines, of which, I was a ummm...moderate consumer. One of the companies had a line called Hot Muscled Bodybuilders -- Talk Live NOW! -- or something like that. They ad appeared in many of my rags and mags. The ad included several photos of muscular bodybuilders -- including one of Dusty. Dusty's photo had a caption that said "He's waiting for your call!" The first time I saw the ad I said to myself "That photo is nearly twenty years long has he been waiting?" LOL.

    3. Great story! Thanks for taking the time to share it. - Jerry

  2. Wonderful shot. I know it was staged, but one could also view it as a couple of guys relaxing on a boat. So relaxed that they are comfortable to have passing erections...

  3. Joseph Brian ScottJanuary 26, 2020 at 8:01 AM

    They have boating boners!