Friday, February 14, 2020

1970's Day

Going back to the 70's for today's sets.
Why do I think this guy is wearing a wig?
Edited to add:  Please read the comment below by James IV for some very interesting info on this model who went by the name "Brand."


  1. What I liked about the 70's nudes is that there's a "freer" feeling to them; a sense of "naked is perfectly normal."

  2. I had to put the memory cells into high gear, but I knew I would eventually remember this stud's name. His name is Brand (no last name) and this photo is from a shoot he did for Target in 1974. That same year he played Samson in Wakefield Poole's epic saga THE BIBLE. He was billed as Brahm van Zetten. If you Google that name you'll see some stills from the movie and a few other Target Studio photos.