Saturday, February 1, 2020

Barry here is the only identified model in today's series,
and that's only because his name and studio are right in the picture.
(This will probably provoke an HIS series soon.)


  1. HIS stood for Handsome Is Studio. Bill Sheffler created Handsome Is Studio in 1965 upon his arrival in Los Angeles. He operated the studio using the pseudonym Ken Albert, hoping to capitalize on an anticipated favorable court ruling concerning the portrayals of male nudity and erotica. The studio sold photo sets of unreleased nude photographs by other photographers including Bob Carr, and newly-produced work by Sheffler. Bill Sheffler's gamble paid off in 1967 and 1968 when new decisions by the US Supreme Court allowed all of his Nude work to be published legally. Sheffler made lucrative amounts of money selling his large collection of Nude work to Magazine Publishers. This Photo of Barry Roberts is really quite good and I thank you belatedly for Posting it.

    1. Thanks for the background information. I had no idea.