Sunday, February 16, 2020

I wish I had more (and better quality) photos of Eric Ryder in my Western Photography Guild Collection.  Don Whitman was meticulous about image quality, and I suspect this came from a contact sheet or a proof run not intended for sale.  It still impresses, though.


  1. Wow..this is a such a beauty..Yes, a slightly better resolution would be nice, but even so the real man shows through. A carefully thought out pose to make best use of the light..and shadow...magnificent. I like the placing of Eric's right hand, not quite sure what to do..but it works..

  2. Est-il normal d'être aussi blond et d'avoir un pubis aussi sombre?
    Is it okay to be so blond and have such a dark pubis?

    1. The blond may have come out of a bottle, but I suppose the contrasting shades could be natural.

  3. This has to be one of my favourite pictures on this blog...perfection..

  4. I believe the contrasting shades are natural. It is true for me and gets even more pronounced in summer.