Thursday, February 6, 2020

These are supposed to be American soldiers on some Pacific Beach, World War II.


  1. Jerry, je vois que l'on sait s'amuser dans le pacifique!!! Tu en as de la chance!!!
    Jerry, I see that we know how to have fun in the Pacific !!! You are lucky!!!

    1. Yes, it's nice, but groceries and real estate are very expensive here!

    2. Ici en Belgique aussi, Jerry! Mon pays est l'un des plus taxé au monde! Pour te donner une idée, j'ai une pension de 1300 € et si je n'avais pas ma maison, j'aurais un loyer de 650 €. De plus pour vivre, c'est très cher aussi! :-(
      Here in Belgium too, Jerry! My country is one of the most taxed in the world! To give you an idea, I have a pension of € 1,300 and if I didn't have my house, I would have rent of € 650. In addition to live, it is very expensive too! :-(