Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dave Martin used the Golden Gate as a backdrop on multiple occasions, 
including this one featuring Dick Woodward


  1. J'ai déjà vu beaucoup de photos d'hommes nus près du Golden Gate. Est-ce un endroit nudistes ou un endroit de rencontre gay? Je sais que l'Amérique est assez puritaine, je me pose la question depuis des années. Qui pourrait me répondre?
    I have already seen many photos of naked men near the Golden Gate. Is it a nudist place or a gay meeting place? I know that America is quite puritanical, I have been asking myself this question for years. Who could answer me?

    1. Albert, there is a beach called Marshall's Beach near the Golden Gate where nudism is tolerated and has been for quite a few years. Not all of America is puritanical. I have been to nude beaches in Florida, California, Texas, and Hawaii. There are others that I haven't visited, too.

    2. J'ignorais qu'il y avait des endroits comme tu me les décris en Amérique, merci, Jerry !!
      I didn't know there were places like you describe them in America, thank you, Jerry !!

  2. the golden gate is a gay icon ----- mecca to some ffolkes----

    btw it is an erection