Monday, March 23, 2020

I have no information this well staged model.
Edited to add:  Lucky Knievel by AMG from 1978.  See JamesIV's comment for some more interesting info.  Thanks, James!


  1. Lucky Knievel by AMG in 1978. Mizer told us Lucky was from Alaska and (I think) worked on an oil rig up there.

    Lucky did two sessions at AMG. This photo is from the second one. Mizer thought Lucky's face was was too craggy to generate much excitement with his mail order customers. But Mizer was pleasantly surprised when he received lots of fan mail asking for more of Lucky.

    1. "Craggy" works for a lot of folks, and I'm surprised Mizer hadn't figured that out by 1978. Thanks for the great info!