Tuesday, March 3, 2020

It's the little anomalies that make this one interesting to me.  Von Gloeden's nude work was done almost exclusively in Italy, but here he uses pottery (especially the crater drinking cup the man at left is holding) that appears Greek.  Also, there's a shaftless spear point at their feet, and the two of them seem to be looking in two different directions.  As they say, it's all in the details.


  1. Je trouve cette série de photos un peu étrange, mais pas inintéressante. Mes modèles ne sont pas particulièrement très beaux physiquement, mais la mise en scène me fait penser à de la suggestion plutôt qu'à des photos de nu juste pour présenter des corps dénudés... C'est bizarre, mais certainement voulu par l'artiste.
    I find this series of photos a little strange, but not uninteresting. My models are not particularly very beautiful physically, but the staging makes me think of suggestion rather than nude photos just to present naked bodies ... It's weird, but certainly wanted by artist.