Saturday, March 28, 2020

Prisoners of War

I am reluctant to post nude photos of war prisoners because they were sometimes mistreated and often not able to consent to having their photos made, something that could probably be said about any number of military nude photos.  I do make exceptions, however, for images where the men appear to be well treated and not in any obvious distress.  All but one of today's images, including a movie, were kindly forwarded to me by fellow Hawaii resident Larry K., a diligent and generous researcher.  We start with some German prisoners at a transit camp in Bourg Leopold, Belgium.  The date was January 20, 1945 and the photographer was Sgt. Silverside of the British Army.


  1. Upon the surrender of Nazi Germany, it was agreed between the Allies under the international laws of warfare that each and every German soldier would spend two years imprisonment in a POW camp, situated in the various restored jurisdictions of liberated Europe. In the East, of course, many disappeared into Stalin's gulag, to reappear ten or many more years later - some, never at all. It is likewise a little known - and oft forgotten - fact that despite stringent food rationing, the British managed to get through the war without rationing bread. By 1945, German agriculture had been more or less destroyed and the new Labour government introduced bread rationing in Britain in order to keep the German POWs fed. They had no reason to grumble of mistreatment.