Wednesday, March 11, 2020

This photo of two men and a bike at a 1950's rural California location is my personal favorite 
from the Satyrs MC photo archive.  There's something almost heroic about them just being 
who they were at that moment in time.  Never, ever forget how far we've come thanks to these brave men and so many others who started us on the road to freedom and equality.   


  1. Quel courage, revendiquer son homosexualité à cette époque!!! En plus le faire en pratiquant un sport qui paraissait réservé aux mâles hétérosexuels. Je suppose qu'il y a du y avoir des bagares terribles entre les clubs de motards et eux!
    What courage, to claim homosexuality at this time !!! In addition do it by practicing a sport that seemed reserved for heterosexual males. I guess there must have been terrible fights between the biker clubs and them!

    1. I wonder about that Albert. The histories I have read don't mention fights, but given the attitudes and circumstances, one would expect some.