Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Gangs of Swimmers . . . With a Little Help from my Friends

Today I'm giving credit where credit is due and saluting two fellow bloggers and a great non-blogger source of some of the best material used here.  These are all groups of swimmers, and we start with this friendly bunch from myselfixion, a blog you can enjoy at .


  1. J'aime bien ce genre de photo :-)
    I like this kind of photo :-)

  2. Great to see men swimming, the way it should be. I was lucky to be able do this twice a week for several years in the early 90s. It still feeling wrong to wear trunks.

    1. Such opportunities seem rare these days.

    2. They do. This took place in a Victorian swimming pool. Good mix of guys, builds and ages. Initially I was shy and a poor swimmer. These sessions changed that became more confident, happy with my body and a much better swimmer.