Thursday, April 23, 2020

More platform problems

Blogger image issues . . . again

Well, after thinking that the people at Google had at least fixed the Blogger platform enough for new posts to work, I awoke this morning to notes in my inbox letting me know that four out of five new images were missing.  I have gone back and manually put them in one by one, but it is a pain.  Also, they never restored the great majority of photos I had posted between about 4 April and 17 April.  I have been restoring them a few at a time over the last few days, but that is tiresome.

Word in the blogging community is that Google doesn't make enough money off of Google Blogger to devote the resources to fixing this.  They have even stopped replying to requests and complaints on their own help board!  Anyway, this is getting old.  Stay tuned for further developments.


  1. Love your blog. Thanks for the extra work you're doing to keep it going with all the Google problems.

  2. Thanks for getting the photos to appear. Greatly appreciated. Blogging is much more work than most realize. I had this issue a few years ago, but not since. I place my photos as I write each day and then post, rarely scheduling them to publish. As a blogger, I feel your pain and really appreciate the work you put into this.

    I wonder if the lack of support right now might be due to COVID.

    1. I was wondering about the Corona factor as well because even in IT, not everything can be done from a PC or tablet at home. Most of my archived posts between 7 and 10 April are still missing, but that span is way down as I have slowly been reposting them. I may finish before Google gets it fixed . . . if they ever do.

    2. Partially. Partially blogging isn't as popular as it was. *stares bisexually at Yahoo insisting their "family-friendly" Tumblr be made permanent as part of any deal*