Friday, April 17, 2020

Sitting Down on the Job, Part 2 - 19th C. Academic Art

You see a lot of 19th C. academic art here because all the reputable art schools in 
Europe required their students to draw and/or paint nude men.  There are more 
drawings than paintings out there in the land of the internet, but this time I am 
featuring paintings of seated models.  We start with one by Kobke from 1833.


  1. A rather awkward pose. Sitting on the edge of the box, with only a thin pad.

    1. More than a little awkward. The poor guy's face says, "How long do I have to do this?"

    2. LOL..yes..right leg dangling...I could do that for maybe 20 mins..The overall lighting is lovely and detail on the feet and his genitals is quite good though..not sure about the face..I wonder what the model said?