Friday, April 3, 2020

William Etty painted this boxer in the mid-19th C.
I need to do a full series of Etty's work soon as he really knew how to paint men's bodies.


  1. Lovely..always so inspiring. Yes Etty certainly knew how to depict the male form. I'll be looking forward to seeing your Etty full series. Thank you in of my favourites.

    1. I did a big Etty series in the dying days of tumblr, and I've held off on another to avoid repeating some of my favorites so soon. Guess it's been long enough, eh?

    2. Yes, I remember you doing it. I'd say go ahead. Not just because I'm a big fan but his work has a real warmth. In that unlike some other artists with slightly detached academic works he has a clear feeling and love of painting and celebrating the nude male. At some point I hope to see some of the "in the flesh" in York. Also recreate a few in my life modelling.