Friday, May 29, 2020

Military Madness from Chicago, Part 1 - Kris Studio Nudes

Our Friday series are both military themed and originated in Chicago.  They start off with some nude photos by Chuck Renslow, and later we'll move on to fellow Chicagoan and onetime lover Etienne.
This is Kurt Inmann, said by legend to have been an actual military man who was approached and asked to model by Renslow while on a layover in Chicago in the middle of a deployment trip.
Used by kind permission of the copyright holder, 
Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA


  1. What great lighting and beautiful black and white tones in this photo. Plus, it's very erotic how "dressed" he is while at the same time being fully nude. Normally socks and shoes can seem odd or jarring in this type of photo, but combined with his cap, medallion and watch, plus his very confident pose, all makes for a terrific photo of a very sexy man. I wonder if that was his real name?

    1. Accessories (hats, boots, capes, jewelry, belts) have become a "thing" of mine because you can show off your torso and groin but still feel "dressed".

      I actually used to draw a barbarian king and his lover that way when I was younger. I had a fantasy art phase.

    2. I don't know if that was his real name, but what you say about the quality of the photo is spot on.

  2. Kurt Inmann was certainly worth approaching... for any number of reasons.

  3. What a superb specimen - and photograph. I wonder if he had any idea to what purpose his photo would be put. My penny's worth is a "yes".