Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Gaudenzio Marconi

I recently came across about a dozen "new" photos by Gaudenzio Marconi, a 19th Century Paris photographer who made a living making photographic studies for artists.  Several of today's models were also new to me, but this one is a familiar favorite.  I guess you can see why.


  1. Thank you Jerry, another batch of stunning Marconi poses. This one is a favourite mine too. Model position carefully noted, especially locking trick of the right foot on the left calf and perching on the edge of draped support. When I can I must do this one...Boy do I miss the modelling..

    1. Glad you enjoyed the series, David, and hopefully you will be modeling again soon. Seems like it could be done with social distancing, no?

    2. All your artist model posts interest and inspire me. Yes, there is always some social distancing, so maybe in a month. The work of Gaudenzio Marconi will be included in my much delayed illustrated talk on the male nude.