Monday, June 22, 2020

Here the goat is nicely demonstrating what goats naturally tend to do.
It would make a decent nature photo if we didn't know it was a fake set on Bob Mizer's roof.
Having said that, I have to admit that the photography is pretty good.


  1. La chèvre n'a pas l'air d'apprécier cet homme..a-t-elle de mauvais souvenir quand elle voit un homme nu? Sans être trivial, il paraît que dans certain pays, des hommes ont un comportement étrange avec les chèvres...
    The goat does not seem to appreciate this man ... does she have bad memories when she sees a naked man? Without being trivial, it seems that in some countries, men have a strange behavior with goats ...

    1. Well you have a point, but having grown up around goats, I can tell you that this a typical behavior around any sort of human . . . or other goats for that matter. Is that you, Albert? Sorry if not, but the screen name is new to me.

    2. Oui, c'est moi, Albert. J'ai changé de nom sur un site et maintenant , je suis nommé comme ça partout. Encore un mystère de l'informatique ;-)
      Yes, it's me, Albert. I changed my name on a site and now I'm named like that everywhere. Another IT mystery ;-)

    3. Well, maybe you can change it back somehow.

  2. I wonder why my name shows up as "rhr"

  3. I visited Bob in the mid-1980s and he gave me a tour of his compound but he didn't show me the roof and I never knew he had sets up there. How did you learn of this?