Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I have a suspicion that this is post-1975,
but the thematic appeal made me post it.
Edited to add:  Two comments say that this is Bruno,
something is should have easily have known, but didn't.


  1. Bruno , the Cuban Daddy of the time , never liked him very much .

    1. Thanks, Jean. I should have known that. Duhhhhhhh . . .

  2. That's Bruno, who I remember well from the 1970's. Of course there are followers of this blog that know far more about these things than I do, but that could be 1975. I think that's about the time that Bruno "emerged". The 70's was when I came into adulthood and what I remember is that men just looked like what nature afforded them. If you were hairy you were hairy. There was no body grooming. And who would ever argue that Bruno would look better groomed! It was all that natural hair that was a large part of his appeal. So manly. I seem to recall seeing current photos of him and he still looks terrific. One of those guys who've kept in shape and is still very sexy because of his maturity.