Wednesday, June 10, 2020

J. Brian Day, Part 2

Further complicating J. Brian's career history is the fact that he did publish,  under 
yet another trade name, during the posing strap era.  This somewhat artistic photo 
of Nick Harris was under the Galerie Vitruvian brand.  (In case you don't remember, 
Vitruvian was DaVinci's famous spread eagle nude male figure.)  At least one of J. Brian's
models said that late in his career he was frequently drunk and incapacitated on the set,
leaving the models to set up the shots themselves and hope he could trip the shutter.


  1. Nick Harris is one of the "faces" I remember from the long-ago. He had the near perfect lean yet muscular build of the athlete. I say "had" because these are just brief moments caught by the camera and I have often wondered what became of these models. I hope Nick has had a good life.

    1. I'm trying to put together some "whatever happened to _______ " series in the future, but the common use of pseudonyms and the tendency of many of the models to want to forget this part of their lives is making it difficult.

  2. Browsing my files, I see that J Brian also published the "Golden Boys" series of magazines - they were among my favorites at the time

    1. Yes, he did. I also have a number of images from that one, plus a few others.