Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Our Bum Brigade twofer by Bruce features what I presume to be the same unknown model.
Edited to add:  Two knowledgeble guys in the comments say this is Eddie Padilla.


  1. Replies
    1. You may be onto something, Jean. I did a search of my files and found no photos of Glenn attributed to Bruce. I did, however, find some unattibuted photos of him on what appears to be a Pacific beach. That was a surprise because I never knew he worked in the West. None of them exactly matched the two I posted today, but there is a resemblance. Ah, mystery!

    2. Just the trim waist and and pert ass made me think of him , just a wild guess ?

  2. Belles fesses!!
    Beautiful buttocks !!

  3. I wonder if the one on the left is Eddie Padilla ? I have posted a few of Eddie and what do you think ? Is this the same derrière?

    1. Can't say for sure, but it's certainly possible.

  4. I second the idea that this is Eddie Padilla. I have another photo of him with what appear to be the same steps and the derrière (which is quite magnificent!) seems to match.