Saturday, July 25, 2020

LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt recorded these University of Michigan Medical School students taking time out from their studies to play piggyback in the pool in 1950.



  1. I've had the pleasure of doing this several times. Feels great both ways round...

    1. It was...about a dozen of us fooling around in the pool. I got to swim naked twice a week for several years...happy days..

    2. Something very special was lost when men could no longer swim nude at Ys and college pools. I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of that period in Ann Arbor and have fond memories of both those pools.

    3. You're certainly a very lucky man to have been able to swim nude. I had a few months at school when it was optional. About a third of us did. Then in my twenties I joined a men only nude swim group. So liberating. men of all different shapes and sizes. I also became a better swimmer.

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    5. (REVISED) Guys younger than me (which is most of them)have no idea what a pleasure they've missed out on. Back in the pre-bodyphobia early 70's, I joined a men's fitness class at the local high school,which concluded with 20 minutes in the pool. Several in the class wore suits the first week, but each week thereafter someone decided to give his birthday suit a try. It was fun watching their reactions to swimming naked for the first time, and nude outnumbered suits by the time the classes ended.