Saturday, July 18, 2020

Miss Thunderpussy heartily approved of incorporating physique models 
(or trollops in this case) into the actual decor themselves.  Having used several 
 as lawn ornaments over the years, she thought these two made fine bookends.
Of course, if she had more than one or two books, she'd have to make 
them stop holding hands, and they might not like that too much.


  1. Jerry, thanks for a very informative series on interior decorating. I have been looking for ways to improve the ambience in my home. I think I will implement the useful concept in this photo first.

  2. This is a most intriguing piece, Jerry! I shall have to look for it at Woolworth's next weekend. Cheers! btw, is the shrubbery real? Upkeep could be a deal breaker for a busy bachelor as myself but I suppose proper care *is* needed with one's prized pieces.

    1. Miss Thunderpussy always insisted on genuine bushes, so yes, the shrubbery is real. (Good luck finding those in Woolworth's. You might try the staff lounge . . . or maybe the street outside.) I suppose I will soon have to publish Miss T's guide to lawn care since so many home bodies seem to have enjoyed this series.