Friday, July 10, 2020

Physique Photography's Intersection with Art, Part 2 - Tom of Finland/AMG and Etienne/Kris

Better known as Tom of Finland, Touko Valil Laaksonen (1920-1991) was a legendary figure in gay erotic art.  Having dabbled in art since childhood, he began drawing soldiers while serving in the Finnish anti-aircraft service during World War II.  Later when criticized for his flattering depictions of some German men in Nazi uniforms who fought in Finland, he said,  "The whole Nazi philosophy, the racism and all that, is hateful to me, but of course I drew them anyway—they had the sexiest uniforms!"  Tom's work fist appeared in America in Physique Pictorial in 1956, and he had a working relationship with Bob Mizer.  He later became friends with Chuck Renslow and Etienne of Kris, whose work follows his in today's series.  We start with a typical Finnish sauna scene.


  1. Même si les dessins de Tom sont toujours surdimensionnés, j'adore la qualité de ses dessins.
    Even though Tom's drawings are always oversized, I love the quality of his drawings.

  2. It's awhile since I did this..