Monday, July 6, 2020

Physique Week, Day 3 - Jerry's Lament for Photographers Who Left Us Wanting More

Due to the repressive legal and cultural environment in the USA in the period of 1935-1965, there were serious constraints and consequences for photographers who did frontal male nudity.  Today I am featuring six photographers who, for various reasons, left many of us wishing for more of their work.  I am starting with Lyle Frisby, a partner (business for sure, and possibly personal) of Pat Milo who was jailed in 1956 for distributing his photos.  Lyle died at age 28 in 1958 following his harsh treatment while imprisoned.  Although his official cause of death was leukemia, many observers believed that his mistreatment hastened his death.  This photo is Ted Fuller.
We must never forget those who paid the price for our freedom of expression.


  1. Une histoire horrible, mais malheureusement pas unique... ;-(
    A horrible story, but unfortunately not unique ... ;-(

  2. Just hope we do not go back with all the puritans we have now around ...

    1. It does concern me at times, but I remain hopeful that progress will resume soon.