Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Several things stand out in this photo.  First, I hope the model knew that monkeys can 
grab and yank on things with their feet.  (I discovered this myself in a Mexican open air 
market in 1973, but fortunately I had my pants on at the time.)  Second, the monkey 
at right looks quite depressed.  Third, that may be because both the monkeys 
appear to be on leashes and/or chains.  Kinda sad, actually.  No PETA back then.
Edited to add:  This is also Kenneth Shreves according to James IV in the comments.


  1. Hmmm. If I was butt naked I wouldn't be anywhere near monkeys like these. I don't care how experienced the photographer is. Like most animals they are completely unpredictable, lightening fast, and will grab HARD at anything that catches their interest. Ouch!

  2. Once again, Kenneth Shreves at AMG.

  3. C'est très dangereux de se faire tenir la bite par un singe!!! Si celui-ci croit que c'est une branche et qu'il commence à se balancer.. C'est peut-être comme ça qu'a été inventé le cri de Tarzan LOLLLLLLLLL
    It is very dangerous to have your cock held by a monkey !!! If he thinks it's a branch and starts to sway .. Maybe that's how Tarzan's cry was invented LOLLLLLLLLL

  4. Given what PETA does to animals, including filming their own people killing said animalS and saying it's medical researchers doing it, I want to say it's better PETA didn't exist.

  5. Jungle King Tar-chan exists, with a shit ton of humor in that vein. Tar-chan's parents hang from his penis. A local hunter wears a penis gourd (which is Papuan, but whatevs) which splits when he sees a sexy lady. When Tar-chan swims, he uses his penis as a rudder, and his scrotum has been a glider.

    He's in love with Jane, but they met when she was prettier, so Jane is insecure when a new girl shows up.