Sunday, July 26, 2020

Today's Bum Brigade special should bring a smile to Monsieur Albert, le President in Belgium.
The model, who is delicately balanced here on some sort of bench, is David Allen.
Used by kind permission of copyright holder, Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Jerry, tu sais exactement les photos qui me font rêver, celle-ci me comble de joie. Un bel homme avec une paire de fesses très poilues, c'est le bonheur. Il y a pourtant une erreur dans ton commentaire, je ne vis pas à Bruxelles, mais à 40 kilomètres au sud. 40 kilomètres pour un Belge c'est déjà une grande distance pour mon petit pays. Ma commune c'est Houdeng-Goegnies qui fait partie du grand La Louvière (80 000 habitants/ sur 64 000 kilomètres carrés). Voilà, vous en savez un peu plus sur le président de la Bum Brigade :-)
    Jerry, you know exactly the pictures that make me dream, this one fills me with joy. A handsome man with a pair of very hairy buttocks is happiness. There is however an error in your comment, I do not live in Brussels, but 40 kilometers to the south. 40 kilometers for a Belgian is already a great distance for my small country. My town is Houdeng-Goegnies which is part of the greater La Louvière (80,000 inhabitants / out of 64,000 square kilometers). There you have it, you know a little more about the president of the Bum Brigade :-)

    1. I don't know why I assumed you were in Brussels. Now I know better. Thanks!

    2. While I may not be a fully-fledged member of the Bum Brigade - who doesn’t love a furry bottom? - I’m probably the closest follower in terms of distance. I live in a small village in the very south of the Netherlands, 1km from the Belgian border. It’s a one and a half hour drive to your town Albert; 25 minutes to Maastricht - a lovely city.

    3. I need to come visit your part of Europe. Maastricht and Bruges are on my bucket list of places to see. I can't wait for this damn pandemic to come under control so I can travel again.