Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Today's twofer comes from Bob's Naked Guys.  Of course that's Brian Idol on the left, but we don't seem to have a name for his friend.  Photo by AMG.
Edited to add:  The guy at right is likely Jim Barkley as per the_cham_cham's comment below.


  1. The guy on the right has been the subject of discussion between myself and the authors of a few of the blogs you've credited today. I have his name as Jim Barkley. The skull and cross-bones tattoo on his forearm is helpful, but I have a couple of photos of him without it. He is pictured on the cover of Mr. Sun, Volume 1, Number 2 (along with Sam Hunter and Jim Guissi and another Jim Barclay (also spelt Barckley, on one of AMG's name holders). I also have him in a photo with Brian Idol, Jim Horn and Sam Hunter. It's in colour and I presume it's also from that issue of Mr. Sun magazine.

  2. On further looking, I see that the photos were from a Wyngate & Bevins photo shoot, advertised in Mr. Sun magazine.

  3. God Bryan Idol had such a beautiful dick. What a great looking guy! All American with a little bit of bad boy in him. Always makes me stop and look.