Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Art, Part 1 - Lalaing's Studies of Nude Models

Jacques de Lalaing (1858-1917) was an Anglo-Belgian artist who initially was a successful painter.  Encouraged by friends, he took up sculpture in 1884 and is better known for that today despite the fact that he never stopped making and selling paintings.  Lalaing's photographic studies of male nude models for his sculpture projects are the subject of the first half of today's double feature.
The model in this picture appears frequently in Lalaing's studies, and it's easy to see why.


  1. Pendant quelques secondes, j'ai cru que ce modèle avait trois bras !
    For a few seconds, I thought this model had three arms!

  2. Lovely contemplative pose. As usual, one to try..Note the model's grubby feet...the sign of a dedicated model..

  3. Very many thanks Jerry for more Jacques de Lalaing. Timeless, inspiring, despite the limits of photography of the day they still give a real feel of turn of the century world. Men using their amazing bodies to create art...