Friday, September 11, 2020

Artists' Study Photos


It's Art Friday, so I'm starting the double feature with some photos that were likely used as studies for artists.  This guy and his muscles were beautifully captured by an unknown photographer.


  1. This model proves once again that men who can fit into one of your "small" series can be amazingly beautiful. Great photo! Thanks from one of your blog's "small" fans.

  2. Damn! What a beautiful physique! Perfect from his head to his toes. Literally! And penis size has never been the measure of a man for me. (Pun intended) There are many qualities that make the man. This model has them in spades!

    1. I really want to see more of both the model and photographer, but I obtained the picture whilst ransacking tumblr before all the nudity was deleted. The OP had no information attached, alas, and there wasn't time to stop and ask.

  3. Wow..that is gorgeous. Lovely twist on a classic..