Monday, September 21, 2020

Considering the amount of legal harassment that Fred Kovert endured, a surprisingly high percentage of the models in my Kovert of Hollywood are identified.  This one, however, is not.
Edited to add:  See the comments for ID info as Wally Schillicut, something I should have known.



  1. According to "Mike the Content Producer", this is Wally Schillicutt (no date).

  2. I agree with 2ndwave, he's identified as Wally Schillicutt on other sites.

  3. Yes, it's Wally, and I have other photos of him that are identified, but didn't realize it when I posted. (That massive sailing ship tattoo might have been a clue, eh?) I found this one on a vintage print resale website that is usually pretty spot on with their information, but they had no name, just "Kovert Studio."