Saturday, September 19, 2020

Glenn Bishop was photographed by several photographers, including Clifford Oettinger, but the nudes don't always have attributions.  (That might have been because of legalities since it was the 1950's.)  This one is sometimes, but not always, attributed to Oettinger.


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    1. I have to agree with Gay Blogger. Bishop's back muscles (latissimi dorsi?) in this photo are so flared out it gives him a "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" look. Not quite the most flattering pose, makes him look top-heavy, muscles unbalanced. However, I've always loved other pics of him that I've seen.

  2. Reallly one of my favourites fro, the 1950s . Thanks .

  3. Everybody's favorite gym bunny from the 1950's. Can you imagine what he would have looked like if steroids were available back then. I have no doubts that he would have used them, do you?

    1. Hard to say. He eventually used his earnings from distributing pictures of himself and his friend Richard Alan to finish chiropractic school, possibly indicating he was into the health component of bodybuilding. As such, he might have shied away from steroids, but we can't know for sure because an essay I read from 2003 said he is still living and wouldn't give interviews.