Sunday, September 27, 2020

Now I post a lot of 1960's nudist photos, but I wasn't expecting this one 
to be the viewers pick of the litter.  It came in at No. 4 overall.



  1. A delightful group of men, who just happen to be naked..

  2. Is nudism dead now? The concept of nudist beauty contests seems so absurd. Body acceptance with beauty competition? F’d up, it seems to me. Fat male nudist might be a theme...

    1. I think the old colony type institutional nudist places are mostly gone.
      There are, however, still nudist groups functioning and some clothing optional resorts even, not to mention nude beaches in a lot of places. And yes, it does seem incongruous to have pageants in a supposedly non-shaming environment. I will say in their defense, though, that they happily included older people with no apparent stigma. BTW, look for a chubby nudist theme here in about two weeks.