Friday, September 11, 2020

 1880 was the date that came with this anonymous study.


  1. Wonderful, sunshine from 140 years ago. An awkward pose. There seems to be a hidden support for his right leg and perhaps his bottom. Interesting vascular left leg. I wish we knew more about this fine specimen.

    1. Could he have leaned against that staff just long enough to get the picture? They did have to get long exposures back then, but it might still be doable.

    2. An intriguing pose. I'm thinking the shaft is providing balance. Weight mostly on left leg hooked by right leg? But left foot is also raised up? Was this a long pose giving the vascularisation of the left leg (I get that sometimes) where the artist took a picture to spare the model any more pain? Love this sort of thing, at some point I'll get to work in a studio with suspensory devices.