Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Being wrapped up in chains by Bruce of LA seems to have had an effect on Joe.  I can find no record of Mr. Tiffenbach ever having had a foray into bodybuilding, which is the way many physique models of his time got into modeling.  The best theory out there is that Joe's contacts in college and/or the movie business led to meeting Bruce of LA and Ralph Kelly.  However it happened, he was a natural.


  1. No doubt about it. That's an erection! And Joe looks positively scrumptious in this pose.

  2. You're right about Joe not being a competitive bodybuilder, but he does have an athletic body that he appears to keep in shape. In the same era, Dale Curry would be another example of a model with a muscular physique who wasn't a competitive bodybuilder. Both men were naturally comfortable with nudity and very popular.

  3. Nice, and unusual, to see a man from that era pictured erect.

    1. Right. I don't often post erection photos, but this was a rarity and it worked for a special series.