Friday, October 9, 2020

Is that some kind of demented kangaroo painted on this handsome bear?  Oh, wait.  I think it may be a rabbit.  I have looked and looked unsuccessfully for an unpainted version of this guy.



  1. I once saw a photo of a VERY hirsute guy who had his stomach, chest, arms and back to look like he was wearing a bikini top. Only he was so hairy that you could barely make out his nipples. It really did look like he was wearing some kind of fuzzy hair bra, kind of like this guy. But on inspection, this guy's chest critter was painted on.

    1. I recently came across a photo of this guy without the paint, but it probably won't go into the next chubby series because of thematic hair splitting on my part. You surely know by now that I get that way, lol.